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All Surgeons know that the key to successful Arthrodesis is adequate Joint surface preparation.

All too often Surgeons are presented with sub-standard instrumentation, blunt and previously mistreated, making preparation tiresome and often ineffectual.


Orthowerks Instruments are Individually sterile packed and Single-use.

There's no need to be handed a blunt instrument, ever again ! 

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Single-use instruments are widely used, from drill bits and saw blades to Arthroscopic shaver blades and Burrs, the benefits are plenty, no capital outlay, no risk of cross contamination, no repair bills and a sharp, fit for purpose instrument for every procedure.

Orthowerks mission

Our mission is ​to bring quality, sharp, fit for purpose instrumentation into the hands of Orthopaedic Surgeons worldwide.


Single-use instruments in Laparoscopic and general surgery is now the norm and has been for some time, yet Orthopaedics lacks behind, still using 30 year old osteotomes, curettes and Meniscectomy punches often not fit for purpose.