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Savindra Singh Geomorphology Pdf 13 [Updated-2022]




June 2010 A METHOD FOR PREDICTION OF THE EARTH’S ALTITUDE STABLE RADIATION DUMMY POLLUTION UP AND DOWN THE RADIATION CHAIN ABSTRACT The true Earth’s average albedo (from reflected solar radiation) is about 0.12. This estimate is based on the assumption that the Earth’s surface is covered by a two-layer radiative system with two distinct optical properties; viz., the usual reflection fraction (in the range 0.7 – 0.8), plus a low albedo (in the range 0.05 – 0.07). If the correct optical properties of the Earth’s surface were used, then the actual Earth’s albedo would be about 0.6 (compared to about 0.12). In this paper, I calculate the Earth’s dummy albedo (from reflected Earth’s albedo based on the two-layer radiative system mentioned above) and use it to calculate the Earth’s mean elevation. Keywords: Earth albedo, Earth’s dummy albedo, simple formula, Earth elevation. INTRODUCTION Earth’s surface is covered by an atmosphere and an ocean. The atmosphere is variable, and it exerts a pressure on the ocean. This pressure helps to maintain an equilibrium between the surface and the atmosphere. It is assumed that the surface pressure is a constant (about 1.5 bars). When light hits the Earth’s surface, it will be reflected and absorbed depending on the surface’s optical properties. The fraction of the reflected light is called the Earth’s albedo. The Sun’s energy is absorbed by the surface and re-radiated (mostly in the infrared) into space. The surface radiative properties (i.e., the Earth’s albedo) affects the solar energy radiation spectrum. Therefore, the Earth’s albedo is one of the most significant parameters influencing the Earth’s surface temperature. The Earth’s surface temperature depends on



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Savindra Singh Geomorphology Pdf 13 [Updated-2022]

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